Micro-Systems Consultations

Comprehensive Consultative Surveys

Conducted by a team of Cobalt surveyors, the process includes institutional document review before site visit, on-site visit by a professional survey team, comprehensive site evaluation report and a certificate of participation.

A comprehensive consultative survey is a service that will provide a healthcare facility with a strategic operations improvement plan across its different functions and departments. Based on this report, Cobalt and its partners can further develop an action plan with the leaders of the facility on designing and implementing operations improvement.

Customized or Focused Consultative Surveys

The customized evaluation involves selection of and agreement on, or development of, organization or project-specific standards. Once the standards are determined, Cobalt and its partner network will conduct an evaluation of actual performance compared to the requirements of the standards. Results of the focused consultation are presented in a full report.

Focused consultations can target any department or function within a healthcare facility. Examples of such are establishing and/or assessing: Medical records department, hospital information system, utilization review, risk management, medical administration system, infection control criteria, clinical pathways, nursing management system, policy and procedure manual. All consultations are performed with the goal of providing the institution with workable systems, tailored to its operating needs.